Are you experiencing extreme dental pain or other Dental Emergencies?

One of our more common daily requests from new and existing patients is for emergency dental care. Dental pain can be intense, whether you have a cavity, infection, cracked tooth, swelling from wisdom teeth, or a dental accident of some sort. In the event of a dental emergency after normal office hours, please Call 1866-423-3363. We specialize in treating toothaches, severe oral pain, and other urgent dental emergencies.

We welcome Dental emergency walk-ins, Last minute appointments & Same day dental appointments. Weekends and after-hour service is available. We offer extended evening and weekend hours in order to provide our patients with access to immediate and convenient emergency dental services.

Dental Services

Prompt emergency service available at Pearl Dental Care, your family and emergency dentist in Mississauga & Brampton. We are open on saturday.

Knocked Out Tooth

Trauma to the mouth may totally dislodge a tooth, however the tooth may be restored if it is located and the injury is promptly treated. Knocked out teeth require immediate emergency treatment if the tooth is to be saved. Call our office at 1866-423-3363 as soon as possible.

Lost Filling/Crown

Although there are several reasons a filling or crown may come loose, tooth decay is the most common culprit. While losing a filling or crown is not immediate cause for alarm and rarely results in serious damage, you should call our office 1866-423-3363 to have it repaired.

Cracked/Broken Tooth

cracked or broken teeth are often easily repaired by your dentist, they do qualify as a dental emergency and should be treated as quickly as possible to prevent. If one of your teeth has been injured, call our office immediately to schedule an appointment.

Dislodged/Loose Tooth

Loose or partially dislodged teeth are a common injury; If the root has been damaged, a root canal may be recommended to restore (save) the tooth. If your tooth has become loose or partially dislodged, call our office immediately to schedule an appointment.

Broken Braces/Wires

Remove a broken appliance if it comes out easily. Sharp edges can be covered with wax, gauze or chewing gum. Emergency attention is usually not required for loose or broken appliances that cause no discomfort. Call us at 1866-423-3363 for consultation

Other Tooth Pain

The cause of dental pain may not be immediately obvious, If you are experiencing moderate to severe pain, such as sharp pain while biting or chewing or intense aching, may signal a dental emergency and should be brought to our attention immediately.

How to Reach Us?

Our dental clinic is conveniently located in streetsville, at the intersection of Queens St and Main St, We are open on saturday.

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